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We help you to get to the next stage of your business expansion or make your idea an enterprising success

Through Bolton Trust Angel Fund we can help with funding and supports for early stage companies – from entrepreneurs with business propositions for a high potential through to startups expanding their activities internationally.

  • BTAF invests in start-ups that meet any of the following criteria;
    Arise out of research and development activity undertaken in the Technological University of Dublin (TUD).
  • Have participated in entrepreneurship programs or initiatives provided by TUD or The Bolton Trust (e.g. new Frontiers, Springboard etc.)

How we can help

Angel Fund

Bolton Trust Angel Fund can invest up to €25,000 in the business in return for 5% equity shareholding. The funding may be tranched, in which case each €5,000 is for 1% equity shareholding.

Co-investment by others

Bolton Trust will seek to leverage the BTAF investment with co-funding by other partners and investors

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